Hospice by the Bay works to enhance the quality of life for our patients, while supporting their families and caregivers.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is that Hospice by the Bay will be recognized throughout the Bay Area as a progressive and innovative leader in home-based and end-of-life care.

Hospice by the Bay will be a resource and provider of hospice, home health care, and palliative care services necessary for obtaining quality of life and will set the standard for compassionate care and support in the Bay Area.

Delivery of Care – Mission Statement

The Mission of Hospice by the Bay is to be the premiere provider of hospice, home health care and palliative care services for patients and their caregivers needing care and support.

We are dedicated to promoting wellness along the continuum of care, as well as preventing and treating distressing symptoms or conditions that might otherwise threaten the quality of life for our patients and families.

We compassionately provide quality services, sensitive to the values, interests, capabilities and needs of those we serve, in a cost-effective manner and in a variety of settings.

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