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The Changing Landscape of Death and Dying

Posted by Hospice by the Bay on Fri October 18, 2013 in Advocacy

For those who study the subject, the nature of death and dying has evolved dramatically over the past century. From an earlier time when doctors could do little to alleviate pain and suffering in a dying person’s last days, to the era of modern medicine, with its focus on prolonging life as along as possible, many have arrived at a new vision of dying.

According to Time Magazine business writer Dan Kadlec, that vision is being driven by none other than Baby Boomers. In his article, “A Good Death: How Boomers Will Change the World a Final Time,” he offers an eye-opening analysis of how many of this generation are facing life’s last great challenge and embracing the idea that quality of life should be the most important issue for patients and families facing terminal illness. Not coincidentally, the Hospice Movement grew up alongside the Boomers, with Hospice by the Bay being one of its recognized pioneers.

As can be seen by reading the comments following Dan’s article, there is still no end to controversy when it comes to this difficult topic, but at least the conversation is moving out of the shadows and into light. Read the entire article here.

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