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HBTB donates iPads to more than 30 community partners

Posted by Annette Lindemann on Fri May 29, 2020 in Internal Posts
Provider Relations Gets It Done!

The Provider Relations team plays a unique role within HBTB.  They are our “can-do” faces out in the field, functioning as a customer service hub between medical/residential facilities, referring providers, case managers, social workers, our patients and their families.  PR’s work regularly requires them to engage in person with our community partners – until COVID-19 entered the picture.

When Provider Relations learned the Bay Area shelter-in-place would prevent outside staff and social visitors from entering Bay Area nursing facilities, the team wondered how they could possibly do their work from home.  Then they quickly switched gears.

Provider Relations Director Eda Anguiano explains, “We are all communicators in PR — that’s what we do.  Give us a phone, a laptop and an internet connection and we’ll provide excellent service from anywhere.”

Eda and her team identified an immediate need:  Many smaller nursing and residential care facilities lack funding to provide laptops to their staff for telehealth appointments, or to enable patients to visit with loved ones on video calls.  Eda approached IT Director David Norris for a possible solution.  They decided to re-purpose a number of iPads in HBTB’s inventory as a donation to more than 30 Bay Area care facilities.  Provider Relations Liaison Rob Matheson now manages the program and delivers many of the iPads personally.

Eda emphasizes the donations have “no strings attached. The iPads can be used for telehealth appointments, patient-family visits, or to play music or games with patients — whatever is needed.  We wanted to spread good will to our community partners during this stressful time, and also provide them with tools that can help us stay connected with facility staff members and our patients in their care.”

HBTB’s iPad donation program has had a tremendous impact, with more donations planned over the next few weeks.  Congratulations to Eda, David, Rob and all who are contributing to this wonderful program!

Here are just a few of the enthusiastic responses from grateful recipients:

“Thanks for the iPad donation!  We earmarked it for the Wellness Center, which is our nurse’s station for the more independent residents.  We have been doing doctor televisits!”
Community Relations, Nazareth House of San Rafael

“What an Incredibly thoughtful gift from our favorite hospice!”
Director of Nursing Services, Marin Convalescent & Rehab Hospital

“Hospice By The Bay is the best partner we can think of to be working with during this difficult time…we didn’t expect you to give our residents such a special gift- thank you all so much!”
Executive Director, Alma Via

 “I just wanted to let you know I got a call yesterday from…the social worker at Villa Marin and I was one of the first that got to do a video call with my mother, who is in the PCU (there).  My mother was able to see my granddaughters for the first time in months.  She could not believe how they have grown!  So thank you so much.”
Grateful family member of a Villa Marin resident

“… We will use this iPad for Zoom visits for you (patient families) and your resident family member. The iPad will also be used for staff training and allow us to move even more to the technology world that we have come to know in the last few months.”
Administrator, Bello Gardens   

“We keep the IPAD at the front nursing station so our residents can use the IPAD and get help anytime they want. Please thank everyone at HBTB!”
Director of Social Services, Villa Marin  

“The owner at Bella Vista in Sonoma gave me a high-five when I delivered her iPad!”
Rob Matheson, HBTB Provider Relations Liaison

“Hospice by the Bay has been so great to work with and we are really happy to have this gift during such a difficult time for us. Our staff thanks you all!” Administrator, Windchime  

“WOW! We won’t forget this – our staff is thrilled to have this for our residents.”
Administrator, The Tamalpais 

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