Meet Sheri Ketchum – HBTB Patient Volunteer since 2010

Posted by Hospice by the Bay on Tue July 25, 2017 in Inside Hospice by the Bay

Meet Sheri Ketchum our Hospice by the Bay patient care volunteer since 2010. Sheri shares the following story of how she became involved with our organization.

Back in 2005, Sheri was working at a corporate job doing well in a public relations career when she and her husband were presented with caring for her mother-in-law at home with Hospice by the Bay’s support. She took time off work and found caring for her mother-in-law at this time was more meaningful than anything she had previously done.

Shortly thereafter, she had three of her own pets need end-of-life care. However, whereas her mother-in-law’s transition was so well supported, it was sadly not the case for her animals. So, realizing there had to be others out there like her needing specialized care for their elderly pets, she left her career and started up a senior and special-needs pet care business doing light medical, at-home nursing and end-of-life/hospice care for animals.

Things basically came full circle for her, because when she was young she wanted to be a vet, and even completed a regional occupations program for veterinary assistant. She was always more keen to spend time with animals and elders, so now she is truly following her original passion. Hospice by the Bay has been there to help her with two additional passings in her home and has been a model for her  work with animals.

She wanted to give back to the organization and help others and thus became a Hospice by the Bay patient care and vigil volunteer in 2010. More recently, Sheri became an Animal Assisted Activity Volunteer bringing Fiske, a Canine Companion for Independence dog-in-training, to visit Hospice patients weekly. As Sheri stated “There is nothing more special than to see a patient’s eyes light up in the presence of a sweet furry face.”

Thank you, Sheri, for all you do for Hospice by the Bay.

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