Press Release - Free app will streamline hospice patient diagnosis, referral and communication

June 8, 2013 | To streamline patient referrals to hospice care, Bay Area non-profit, health care provider Hospice by the Bay offers physicians a free, downloadable app for use on mobile devices. Rather than having to fax a written order, the Hospice by the Bay app allows doctors to refer patients for care online wherever they are — whether visiting hospitalized patients or talking with families in the office. Use of the app will mean more efficient admissions, a smoother transition to hospice that maintains continuity of care, and more effective communication between physicians and Hospice by the Bay. Versions are available at Google’s Play Store for Android-based phones and tablets, and at the App Store for use on iPhones and iPads.

Along with simpler referrals, the online information provides doctors with the criteria for hospice eligibility, a drug formulary, descriptions of the four levels of care, contact information and details about the physician–hospice partnership and reimbursement.

“Since more than 80 percent of doctors now use mobile devices, Hospice by the Bay’s app is an invaluable tool for providing timely and accurate hospice care to our community,” said Hospice by the Bay CEO Sandra Lew, LCSW. “In addition to putting the referral process at their fingertips, doctors and health professionals will have access to a video about starting the hospice conversation with patients and families, as well as bios of our medical directors and links to important clinical articles about hospice and palliative care.”

More info about the Hospice Referral Mobile App

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