November 17, 2016 | On November 9, Hospice by the Bay (HBTB), the region’s largest provider of hospice and palliative care services, received two top awards from Modern Healthcare and Advertising Age magazines for its recent innovative consumer advertising campaign.

The magazines’ Marketing IMPACT Award recognizes organizations that promote health, deliver high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare, and help organizations grow.

HBTB received the gold award in the category “Digital Campaign of the Year” and the silver award for “Integrated Campaign of the Year.” The awards recognized its off-beat campaign, “TMI is good,” which advocates for families and their loved ones to “Have the Conversation” about end-of-life issues.

“It is a real honor to receive this recognition,” reported Kitty Whitaker, RN, MS, and CEO of HBTB. (Pictured here receiving the gold IMPACT award from Fawn Lopez, Publisher and VP of Modern-Healthcare.)

“We believe the most important thing any of us can do is to ‘have the conversation’ regarding end of life issues” she explained. “This advertising campaign was unconventional by design. We know that this is a subject most people don’t want to talk about, so we decided it was time to do something to grab their attention. This award validates that we are on the right track.”

The award ceremony was held in Chicago at Modern Healthcare’s Strategic Marketing Conferences’ 2016 Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Awards Dinner. Modern Healthcare magazine is the nation’s leader in healthcare business news, research and data; Advertising Age ( is global source for marketing and media news.

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The Advertising Campaign
The “TMI is Good’ campaign, which ran from mid-April through mid-July 2016, rotated a series of advertisements using a digital platform as the primary method, as well as print advertising. Using the overall theme of “too much information,” attention-getting headlines such as “Nice Tushy,” “The Freak,” and “Birthday Suit” were used to engage viewers and readers. A link to a new web landing page ( provided information and resource tools.

“The initial response was unprecedented,” reported Chris Raniere, President of 46Mile, the San Francisco-based advertising agency that created the campaign for HBTB, “and the positive results continued throughout the three-month effort.”

The metrics indicated the following:

• Over 14.5 million impressions
• A CTR (ratio of clicks to impressions) of 0.41%, which is well over the industry average.
This means that over 60,000 people interacted with the TMI ad enough to click on the ad and learn more.
• The most successful ad was “Tushy,” with an 86% engagement rate.

Raniere indicated that the most impressive result has been that 14% of the people who visited have come back to it a second time, two to four weeks later.

“These results show that people are engaging with the initial ad and website content, going away to think about it and probably starting a conversation, and then coming back for more information to take further action,” explained Whitaker. “They have started the conversation!”

Phase II launched: “The Deal”
Whitaker indicated that the first phase was a test and that, given its success, a new creative phase has just been launched.

“The Deal” campaign, which began November 7, encourages family members to strike a bargain with their loved ones to ensure that end-of-life conversations are held and Advance Directives completed. A series of three ads will run in both print and digital media; the campaign will run through January 2017. (Links to the “The Deal” ads: “Dad,” “Darling,” “Mom.”)

“We are running this campaign as a community service,” explained Whitaker,” because we want everyone to have the conversation and complete an Advance Care Directive – and not just wait until a loved one becomes ill. As a hospice provider for over 41 years, we know what a difference it can make if family members know each other’s wishes in advance.”

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