Many of our loyal supporters include Hospice by the Bay in their estate plan because they have experienced the comfort Hospice brought to someone they love—a parent, a sibling, a child or partner.

When you support us today, you make it possible for us to reach out to provide compassionate end-of-life services to terminally ill patients of all ages, their families and caregivers. But when you plan a gift to Hospice by the Bay in your long-term estate or financial plans, you will help ensure that programs for care will be here for many generations to come.

We are grateful to these generous donors who left us a legacy gift
from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.

Mr. R. Steven Arnold
Mr. Millard F. Ball
Mr. Robert L. Bilger
Dr. Sheila T. Black
Ms. Silva B. Carroll
Ms. Mary E. Colton
Ms. Rosemary Cozzo
Mrs. Eva M. Deleuze
Mr. Steven H. Fink
Ms. Astrea G. Gorin
Ms. Elizabeth Graeber
Clara-Belle L. Hamilton Core Trust
Mrs. Carolynne Knoles
Mr. Lewis Manchester
Mr. Drew Minteer
Mr. Joseph E. Padula
Dr. Robert W. Provost, M.D.
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Stegner
Mrs. Willie Lois Twyman

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