Through direct referral from a patient's physician, hospitalist, hospital discharge planner or care facility, Hospice by the Bay admits patients every day, including evenings and weekends. Often, we assess the patient and meet with their family on the same day as the referral.

We accept hospice-eligible patients with Medicare, Medi-Cal and private insurance and those without a primary caregiver. Call us about patients with financial hardship, as no hospice appropriate patient is ever turned away, regardless of ability to pay.

We ease the transition of your patients from home or hospital to hospice care, and partner with you to communicate with their families during this difficult time. We help you assess each patient’s individual needs, then oversee orders to have DME, medical supplies and hospice medications already in place after transport.

Our admissions team is available 24/7 to answer physician or health professional questions regarding your patient. If you are unsure whether your patient is eligible for hospice, please call us and we can help you.

  • (888) 720.2111 phone
  • (888) 767.1919 fax

Steps to Hospice Referral for Adults

1. Confirm with the patient and family which visit type is best:

  • Admission Visit – In addition to the above, we process consent paperwork, provide a nursing assessment and order DME, hospice medications, etc., to ensure a smooth transition to our care.
  • Informational Visit – We first discuss the patient’s and family’s goals for care. To help them decide whether hospice meets their goals, we then describe Hospice by the Bay’s philosophy, personalized case management and services, and our team approach to care.

2. Schedule a visit by calling call Hospice by the Bay’s 24/7, toll-free line, (888) 720.2111.

3. Make a referral by downloading, printing and completing the Hospice Referral Form, then fax toll-free to (888) 767.1919.

Please call us anytime if you have questions about the referral process or a prospective patient.
If using a mobile device to refer, please download our Hospice by the Bay app, below.

Other Referrals

To refer a patient to any of Hospice by the Bay’s other services, click on the topics below to find out more.

Frequent Asked Questions about Referring to Hospice

When are admissions done?
HBTB provides informational and admission visits 7 days a week, based on the needs of your patients/families.

When should I refer my patient?
“As early as possible” is the general answer. Our patients and families often say they wish they had started hospice services sooner.

How will I benefit from referral to hospice?
We design a plan of care to keep your patient/family comfortable, reducing phone calls and visits to your office and/or the hospital. Our staff will call for orders when needed and to provide updates on your patient’s condition.

Will I be involved in my patient’s care?
Your involvement is encouraged at the level that you wish. Our staff is available 24/7 to respond to patient/family needs and will keep you informed of changes in the patient’s condition. You can bill for continuing oversight while your patient is in our care. Please contact our office for assistance with billing code modifiers.

Must my patient have an Advance Directive?
No. Patients do not need Advance Directives (POLST, DNR, etc.) for admission to hospice or to remain on service.

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