Hospice Aides Face New Challenges with Covid-19

Posted by Mark Clark on Fri July 31, 2020 in Covid-19

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping patients and to give them hope, peace, comfort and the support they need. Seeing that smile on their face and the thumbs up they give me when they are comfortable and happy- that’s what makes my day. That’s why I am passionate about this job. I […] Read more »

Patient Care Support Services: “Care” Says it All

Posted by Annette Lindemann on Mon June 29, 2020 in Inside Hospice by the Bay

Dedicated team of 14 is a lifeline to over 500 hospice patients “A whole lot of living goes on before you die, so I don’t focus on the ‘dying part’ of the job first, I put the living person first — the whole person.  The time we spend with our patients is important, whether we’re […] Read more »

Work Grief: A Primer for Emergency Medicine Providers

Posted by Hospice by the Bay on Tue May 26, 2020 in Covid-19

By: Kai Romero, MD May 22, 2020 Heartbreaking patient situations are the backbone of Emergency Medicine. Whether it’s a new cancer diagnosis, telling a family member that their loved one has died, or the creeping dread that a mistake that we’ve made will negatively impact one of our patients, we all experience extraordinary stress in […] Read more »

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