Hospice care focuses on dignity, comfort and quality of life. This may be a difficult time for you and your family. The end of life can be confusing and overwhelming. It is important to know that you are not alone.

We will help you live as fully and comfortably as possible, while providing support for your loved ones, wherever you call home – a family residence, assisted living, a nursing facility or the hospital.

The goal of hospice during a terminal illness is personalized compassionate care and comfort rather than a cure. To be eligible for hospice, a doctor must verify a prognosis of six months or less of life, if the patient’s illness runs its natural course.

Our team approach to hospice care strives to meet all practical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Team members who may visit the patient include a:

  • Hospice Physician
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Spiritual Support Counselor
  • Hospice Aide
  • Direct Care Volunteer

In addition to scheduled visits, our nurses are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer questions or make an emergency visit. We can help you find around-the-clock caregiver support or other outside resources as needed.

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A letter sent to us from one of our families

When I had to make a decision as to which hospice organization to care for my mother, I immediately asked for Hospice by the Bay because of the reputation that precedes you. After having so many people care for my mother, I realize I was wrong. Hospice by the Bay is much better than what I ever heard.

Connilee, the primary care nurse, has been wonderful and very, very attentive. She has spent a lot of time with my mom. Deborah has been great in dealing with the family and social issues regarding my mom, and there were some interesting ones. And the other nurses – Manako, Sarah, Ana, have all been special. And my mom’s favorite… weekend nurse Gheri. Wow!!!

I also want to say a few things about the volunteers who came to be with my mom so I could get out and maintain my sanity. Carl, the spiritual advisor, has been so thoughtful. He even played his violin for my classical-music loving mother. That jerked tears out of me. And Byrdie has been so consistently loyal from day one.

Finally, and maybe most of all, I want to say how special your home health aides have been. There is something special about these people. I can’t say exactly what it is, but they truly give of themselves in a gentle, caring way. They are gifted. I don’t know how much money they make, but I do know that they are wealthy people. They include (in first-name alphabetical order): Alba, Jean, Obbie, Paulette, and Peggy. I hope I haven’t left out anyone. If I did, please accept my apology.

I think you’re pretty fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. I know my mother had been. Thanks so much, ~ Joel

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