We’d like to share some of the thoughtful stories we received from families whose lives have been touched by Hospice by the Bay. We have received permission to reproduce these stories here so that others may benefit from this shared experience.

We’d like to hear your story too. Please send us an email by clicking here. Privacy note: your story will not be shared publicly unless you give Hospice by the Bay explicit permission to share it.

My father passed last year. Having Hospice there to help us was truly a blessing and made a very difficult situation more manageable. The hospice people were compassionate and helpful. We could not have hoped for more and we are eternally grateful for their assistance in our hours of greatest need. ~ Andy

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share my story about how Hospice by the Bay touched my life.

Hospice by the Bay provided free support services to my grandmother during the last months of her life. These services brought her fulfillment and bettered her physical health so that she was able to enjoy the twilight of her life in comfort and dignity. These services not only benefitted my grandmother, but also my mother and myself who were two of her primary caregivers. By addressing many of my grandmother’s needs, it also eased some of the myriad challenges that come along with caring for an aging and ailing loved one.

After my grandmother passed away, I was able to take advantage of the grief counseling services which were offered to me at little to no cost. I can honestly say that the counseling that I have received here is the best, most caring and compassionate that I have ever received in my life. The counseling services were accessible and comprehensive and validated the range of emotional experiences that accompany the loss of a loved one. They provided a variety of services, resources and approaches that demonstrate their true commitment to serving the diverse needs of those in the hospice community. Words cannot express what a positive experience this continues to be in my life.

HBTB was able to offer the support that both my grandmother and I needed, regardless of our ability to pay. Despite having limited financial resources, HBTB staff were loving, caring, and showed us that they genuinely cared about my entire family’s well-being. Now that I am in a better position financially, I donate to HBTB as often as I can. This organization is truly dedicated to serving all people and is a shining example of dedicated community service. I look forward to continuing to support HBTB throughout my life. ~ Amy

Hospice came in and helped my mother transition to death in a calm, peaceful and comfortable way. It wasn’t a surprise when she passed away, so I thought I would not have to take advantage of their grief counseling, and I didn’t for almost two years.

Then one day, after hearing a father talking to his son about his own father’s passing, I woke up in the morning feeling sad. I drove to chores, and coming home, I sat in my car in the driveway, suddenly overcome by grief. I tried calling my husband and my sister and my best friend and even my therapist, but no one was available. I felt like I was going to explode with tears. I called Hospice by the Bay and left a message. Within minutes, someone had gotten back to me, and I had an appointment for the next day with one of the grief interns.

I’ve been working with her once a week since then as we untangle some very complicated and complex feelings about my mother’s passing away and my father’s passing away almost 18 years ago. I have found her to be incredibly empathetic, insightful and warm. She has been invaluable in getting through the Gordian knots of feelings that were left unresolved as each parent passed away. I am so grateful that Hospice has this service, and that they allowed me to come in, even two years after they worked with my mother. Their understanding of grief and its non-linear nature have been a godsend. Thanks! ~ Diana

And some thoughts from our volunteers as well

I became a volunteer with Hospice by the Bay after I retired. My parents had hospice and I was impressed with the organization and philosophy of keeping patients comfortable in their last stage of life. My opinion of HBTB only grew when I became trained and worked closely with the organization. Hospice by the Bay is very professional with a thorough training program that holds all of us to high standards. The program is very organized and accountable, making its customers the focal point. Above all else, HBTB is a warm, caring, and progressive; willing to include new initiatives in its services with comfort and care as the number one priority for its patients. ~ Hospice volunteer

I have been a HBTB volunteer for over two years and this work has opened a new experience that is extremely rewarding. I have met some of the most dedicated people and seen families come together at times when it is most needed. I would not give up this volunteering for anything as I learn and gain new and wonderful prospectives with each encounter. I worked in the health care industry for over 45 years and HBTB is the most transparent, patient centered, staff oriented organization I have ever had the pleasure of working with. ~ Hospice volunteer

We’d like to hear your story too. Please send us an email by clicking here. Privacy note: your story will not be shared publicly unless you give Hospice by the Bay explicit permission to share it.


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