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Quality of life. Hope. Living before leaving. The nature of death and dying has evolved dramatically over the past century, driven in great part by Baby Boomers.

“A Good Death: How Boomers Will Change the World a Final Time” asserts that many in this generation are embracing the idea that quality of life should be the most important issue for patients and families facing terminal illness.


Watch this 2 minute message from Dr. Molly Bourne, Hospice by The Bay’s Chief Medical Officer, talks about what her terminally-ill patients have taught her about living in the now and the transformative power of hope.

Another video of interest

Talk with Family: Tom Brokaw’s doctor daughter interviews the NBC journalist about his future health care wishes.


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We are closely monitoring the fires impacting our service areas and working with patients and families who have safety concerns or need help with their evacuation plans.

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