Remember that this is a process and it helps to prioritize. Ask yourself questions about quality of life, how you want to spend your last months, who you want to be with, what kind of medical treatment you want or don’t want. Write it down. 

Once you are comfortable with what you have decided, follow up to make sure what you want is written down where you or your loved ones can find it and that it is communicated to the right people – your loved ones and your doctor.

Select someone to make medical decisions for you in case you can’t speak for yourself.

But that’s not enough – you must complete your Advance Care Directive, because doing so ensures your wishes are honored because only through an Advance Care Directive will your wishes be legally binding.

Download and complete the form:
Advance Care Directive

Everyone has questions – here are some helpful links:

The good news is that hospice care is covered by Medicare, MediCal, and most private health insurance, including policies under the federal Affordable Care Act (in California, it’s called “Covered California.”)

Organize your financial information and decide who gets your stuff so your family and friends know what you want and where things are. Whether you need a simple will or a more extensive estate plan depends on what assets you have. In either case, you can clearly state where your money and things will go—family, friends, charities, and so on.

Just In Case This easy-to-complete checklist will help ensure that loved ones know the location of your important documents and your final wishes for everything from Advance Care Planning to Financial Arrangements to Practical Matters. The brochure is not a substitute for a Living Will, Durable Powers of Attorney or Last Will and Testament.

Hospice by the Bay’s Estate Planning Organizer
You have choices. This organizer will help you think about what you want and how to communicate your values and wishes to those important to you.

Plan by Age
Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of age. This will guide through the issues you should consider at each stage of your life.

Your Will
These resources will help you get started in creating your first will.

Ways to Give
Explore this information to discover ways to make a charitable gift, and take into consideration the needs of your heirs.

Please note these links are for your reference only and are not intended as legal, tax or investment advice.

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