Death is an experience that everyone must live through to the end. And just like in other phases of our lives, there are choices to be made and important conversations to begin.

Would your family know your choices? Have you told anyone close to you whether you would rather have every medical intervention possible in a hospital ICU or go home and let nature take its course or something in between?

Many times family members have doubts after a loved one dies. They wonder if they did the right thing, if they did everything possible. Preparing ahead of time, communicating your wishes before a medical crisis can help prevent these doubts. Don’t you want your loved ones to feel at peace with how you spent your final months?

My mom was 94, so her death was not completely unexpected, and my brother and I were actually able to be with her at the end. Fortunately for us, my parents had prepared health directives and my father had done a wonderful job of getting things all arranged, so basically my brother and I just had to follow the instructions.  It certainly inspired me to do the same for my children.  So, now I feel even more attachment to Hospice by the Bay and the wonderful support you all are in times of need. ~ Hospice Family Member

We encourage you to plan long before you need end-of-life care. We’ll help you to get organized, explore the options, talk to your family, and be better prepared.

Learn more about how talking can make planning easier:
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