One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is guidance on what you want at the end of your life – for health care, for your send off, for your stuff. Our thought-provoking ads were developed as a good way to start talking. Simply share them with someone you care about and ask them what they think.

Conversation topics about facing death and mortalityThe End. What if that is where your story begins?

We find that death and dying evokes a variety of feelings. Each of us can experience a broad range of reactions on any given day. This ad shares the many ways you or your loved ones might react at the final phase of life.

“The End”

Conversation topics about death and dyingDeath and Taxes.

Statistics still show that 100% of those born in the world will at some time die. But we still do not like even thinking about it let alone talking about it. Here are some topics to think about.

“Death and Taxes”

Conversation topics about last days bucket list - things to do before you dieWhat would you do with only six months to live?

Eat ice cream every day? Play your favorite music? Cry? Go skydiving? Forgive your ex? Here are 50 possibilities.

“What would you do with six months?”

SF Bucket List: 25 Things to Do in the Bay Area


Check out our videos that can help you in this important process and share them with others. Sometimes it’s easier to start your conversation by listening to someone else talk. Watch Tom Brokaw and his daughter, among others, share their compelling and, at times, humorous thoughts on end of life planning.

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