Thinking about our own death can be uncomfortable. Who wants to think about it when there is so much living left to do?

It might bring up feelings of sadness to think about the possibility of dying or to imagine losing a family member. But avoiding the topic will not postpone or delay the inevitable. And not talking about it can have consequences for you and your loved ones.

Many of us have heard stories from friends or relatives that show how stressful it can be when family members are suddenly faced with making major decisions for loved ones at the end of life. Without the benefit of knowing what their loved one wants, relationships can become strained over differences of opinions. Instead of supporting one another, family members may become divided over trying to do what they each think is best for their loved one.

So, as difficult as it might be to think about having these conversations now, it can make an enormous difference later. We are here to encourage you to start the conversation. Take it slowly. Acknowledge that it may feel uncomfortable. Then take a deep breath and start talking.

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