For many patients, the option to receive essential medical care in the comfort and privacy of their own home just makes sense. Here are some of the ways we can help you during the current crisis, and into the future.

Home is where your heart is, and that’s where you’ll find ours, too. We believe in the powerful benefits of receiving care in your home — physically, mentally, and spiritually — especially now.
               ~Kai Romero, Chief Medical Officer, HBTB

Benefits of Home-based Care

  • Staying home minimizes outside exposure to Covid-19
  • Home-based care allows visits from loved ones, if desired
  • Family caregiver training reduces need for outside care workers in the home
  • Skilled hospital-to-home transitions, including ordering durable medical equipment (DME), minimize confusion during start of home-based care
  • Telemedicine capability means fewer in-person Care Team visits and remote access to physician/nursing advice
  • Precise management of pain and symptoms reduces instances of re-hospitalization
  • Established and practiced Covid-19 protocols minimize risk during Care Team visits

We offer home-based care options for many stages of illness or recovery:

Skilled Home Health Care
Many of the services you would receive while recovering in a hospital or rehab center can be delivered conveniently in your own home.

We work with your primary physician to develop a plan of care, bring skilled specialists directly to you, train your caregivers how to make you more comfortable, and show you how to live more independently.

Skilled Home Health Care is ideal for those recovering from surgery, or managing chronic conditions such as heart disease, COPD or diabetes.

Palliative (Comfort) Care
With palliative care, you may continue to pursue curative treatments for chronic illness while we help manage pain and symptoms to maximize quality of life.

Palliative Care is for people coping with life-limiting conditions, such as COPD, cancer, end-stage liver disease and congestive heart failure.

We offer a Comprehensive Palliative Care option that employs a full Care Team approach and an option for Consultative Palliative Care that features expert physician/nurse advice and 24/7 telephone support.

Hospice Care
Most people say they would prefer to spend their final days and months at home, in familiar surroundings and with the company of loved ones.

Our home-based Care Team approach to end-of-life care has been helping them do just that since 1975.

Take advantage of your Medicare Hospice Benefit, as soon as you receive a terminal diagnosis, to maximize your access to expert medical, practical, emotional and spiritual support at end of life.

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