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When it comes to talking about the big issues in life – especially end of life care – it never hurts to try a little tenderness. When it comes to end of life planning, the biggest step is to just start talking.

Benefits of Pre-Planning End of Life Care

Advance Care Planning is simply a process of talking with the important people in your life about your health care preferences – or those of your loved ones – in advance. Having an Advance Care Plan is important for you, comforting for your family and friends, and essential to responsive healthcare decision making – at any age.

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Starting the Conversation: Why Talk Now?

Death is an experience that everyone must live through to the end. And just like in other phases of life, there are choices to be made and important conversations to begin. We encourage you to plan long before you or your loved ones actually need end of life care. We’ll help you get organized, explore your options, talk to your family, and be better prepared in general.

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What to do?

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is guidance on what you want at the end of your life – for health care, for your send off, for your stuff.

Try these Conversation Starters
“The End,” “Death and Taxes,” “What would you do with six months?” – three thought-provoking concepts, in printable PDFs, to help get the conversation started. Simply share them with someone you care about and ask them what they think.

Think about it
The more you consider your options, beliefs and values, the clearer you can be. You’ll know what you want, and you’ll be able to communicate it to those important to you. It’s easy to begin.

Take Action
Remember, this is a process and it helps to prioritize! Ask yourself questions about quality of life, how you would want to spend your end of life, and what kind of medical treatment you want or don’t want. Learn about Advance Care Planning: attend one of Hospice by the Bay’s free seminars or download some of our helpful guides.

Advance Health Care Directive
After more than 40 years providing hospice care, Hospice by the Bay knows first-hand how ‘having the conversation’ when one is healthy can ease a difficult time when serious illness occurs. We encourage you to start the conversation now about end of life planning.

You have the right to give instructions about your own health care. You also have the right to name someone else to make healthcare decisions for you. The Advance Health Care Directive form lets  your caregivers understand your wishes.

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