Hospice by the Bay draws upon its depth of expertise, experience and compassion to care for you. Our team approach to hospice care provides support for the patient, family members and caregivers to maximize quality of life.

We strive to meet all practical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our team members who may visit the patient include a:

  • Hospice Physician
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Spiritual Support Counselor
  • Hospice Aide
  • Patient & Family Support Volunteer

The patient’s own physician is also part of our team and included in decisions about the patient’s plan of care.

Hospice Physicians

Our Physicians are board-certified in the medical specialty of hospice and palliative care. They participate in ongoing discussions with your primary nurse and your team about the best medical care to meet your individual needs. Our Physicians also provide back-up when your primary physician is unavailable.


Our Nurses will visit regularly to assess your general condition, manage the use of medications and help maintain your comfort level. Our nurses are specifically trained in pain and symptom management and in coping with health issues faced by those with life-threatening illnesses. The nurse stays in contact with your personal physician and other team members about your status, the effects of medications and need for additional services.

Social Workers

Your Social Worker assists you, your family and caregivers with support and practical preparation for the days ahead. Information can include:

  • The benefits of Hospice by the Bay services
  • How to find home care resources you may need between our team members’ visits
  • What additional help is available through local community resources
  • Resources including advance health care planning or insurance, financial and legal arrangements
  • Creating a plan for support at the patient’s time of death
  • Help with funeral and memorial services planning

Hospice Aides

To support patients with their personal care needs, Home Health Aides can provide assistance with:

  • Bathing, shampooing and showering
  • Skin and mouth care
  • Toileting
  • Walking, moving (transferring) and dressing
  • Light housekeeping, such as changing linens, or cleaning up the bedside or bathroom after care

Spiritual Support Counselors

Patients and families, no matter their spiritual beliefs, often find it helpful to talk with a Spiritual Support Counselor. The counselor provides comfort through secular counseling or interfaith support, inspirational reading and prayer. The counselor can assist in coordinating with your local spiritual group, congregation, clergy or spiritual leader. The Spiritual Counselor can help you and your family plan for a funeral or memorial service, and, if you wish, officiate at the gathering.

Patient & Family Support Volunteers

Our carefully screened, well-trained volunteers help support you and your family between visits by other Hospice by the Bay team members. While volunteers do not provide physical care for patients, they offer vital support that includes:

  • Companionship for the patient and relief care for the caregiver
  • Help with errands, such as grocery shopping, or light chores, such as meal preparation
  • Providing patient transportation for appointments or short outings
  • Attending the patient’s final hours as a supportive presence for the patient and family

We can also suggest complementary care programs designed to promote well-being and provide other personal benefits for hospice patients and their families. Contact your hospice team Volunteer Coordinator for opportunities in your service area.

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